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Software and Technology Guide

Software and Technology Guide

New Big Data Opportunities For Java Developers

New Big Data Opportunities For Java Developers

The java development community is growing, which means businesses will be getting better apps solutions for real-world scenarios, and java developers will get opportunity to get involve in everything from IoT to online fraud detection.

In past few years, companies collecting data about you, me, and every other person we know are getting maximum database that is based on our online behaviors in the form of website visits, likes, clicks, photos, blog posts, and online transactions. The data is later sliced, analyzed, diced, and fed back to users in the form of digital advertising campaigns.

The amount of data collected by companies is enormous. Every minute, every day-

  • Google gets over 4 million search requests
  • Facebook users share approx 4.2 pieces of content
  • Tweets are made nearly 300,000 times
  • Instagram posts include 1,750,000 new photos

As compared to 2013, the global internet population is grown by 18.5% in 2015 and there are now 3.2 billion users on social networking sites. That just numbers of people, imagine the data flow once they begin retrieving online.

Big Data And Java

As all the data being developed by people and devices take much time and it becomes a costly affair to load data into a traditional relational database for analysis. To combat the increasing costs, companies are switching to new analytics and storage approaches, known as Big Data. Big Data involves storing data in a database or storage repository in the cloud that contains huge amount of raw data in its original format until it is required.

Big Data involves Hadoop technology that allows data analysts to make space for large data sets across a large number of inexpensive servers and later run MapReduce operations on JVMs to coordinate, combine, and process data. Java developers can rely on Hadoop, an open-source software framework written in java programming language, to access more app development opportunities.